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Dusty Folwarcznhy, USA

If you are considering taking a spiritual adventure retreat with Marina, do it! You will not regret the energy, time, and dedication she puts into all hours of the days you share together. My investment of time and finance was well worth it to me and it helped me to bounce back from a difficult time in my life. Marina and the other women on the retreat were kind hearted and supportive. Make the investment in yourself!

Maria Korneeva.jpg

Maria Korneeva, Sweden

Unforgettable  5 days during Dr.Marina Kostina Adventure Spiritual Retreat! . Ten girls of different age (including two teenagers of 17 and 13 y.o), nationality, from different countries, with their own life histories - were united in this cold extreme but beautiful Iceland. We came there total strangers and during this amazing retreat became soul sisters and true friends. All of us had the same goal to find ourself, to learn how to make our lives interesting, conscious, full of energy and joy. Our days were completely full: meditation and yoga in the morning, places of power during the day, lessons in the evening and yoga with meditation again before going to bed. But we managed to fulfill the whole program and were in time in spite of the unpredictable weather conditions. 

At the same time being together in discipline we created wonderful atmosphere of love, laugh and joy. We learned a lot from each other and tried to help as  best as we could. I had a total reload of all my systems. 

"Something has changed in me and the world is still the same". 


I highly recommend Marina's spiritual retreat to all girls who wants understand yourself on a different level. 


Ashley Ann Folk, USA

Thank you for this opportunity and for considering me as someone you’d like to have with you on this journey. As you can tell from my answers- this wouldn’t have been something I’d do myself, and I’m super happy that i took the plunge. The time spent with you and the others was very raw, helpful, enjoyable, and actually hard work. I’m very grateful for your time and energy, and would like to connect with you one on one sometime soon.If another retreat opportunity was available with you in the future- I wouldn’t hesitate to say yes


Cristina Brici, USA

I discovered that I am capable of accomplishing and attracting things that serve me. Things that are no longer in my life have left because they no longer serve me.


I struggled with this a lot especially because of some close relationships.  After this trip I am not alone- I realized I gained triple the amount of sisters.

I enjoyed the most living and cooking together, the adventures and spiritual activities.

Mandala weaving,the karmic reading and talking to someone I have not before were my favorite.

traci smith.jpg

Traci Smith, USA


Elena Frolova, Russia

Long before the journey, Marina spent a lot of time getting to know our team and our needs. We would not have achieved the success we did, without Dr. Marina’s hard work and attentiveness. Her great work “Find the G-spot of your soul” (which was given to all of us as a blassed gift), became my handbook for these days. In the transformation from pain to pleasure I have noticed additional inner energy, lack of which was my weakness in the past. Some yoga exercises were excessive for myself, but I was fine with those I could afford.


Cut off from the rest of the world, in the region which everyone would rather avoid than seek, we enjoyed the team spirit, delicate sense of community. The harsh nature of the island, wild winds, icy rain helped us to discover our new inner power, our new horizons.

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