Bali January 10-16, '20

Come back transformed...

Retreat is a getaway from your customary world in order to work on yourself. Happiness is not something that falls on your lap, but a disciplined way to choose things that make you strong on a daily basis. Retreat speeds up your personal growth and development, creating a quantum leap for your consciousness.


Therefore the main pillars of our retreats are: Practices, Adventure, Transformation that of course lead toJoy, Passion & Happiness

Be ready for a lot of energy and inner work, yoga, meditation, fun and exciting adventure in often extreme climates and weather conditions, common living and LOTS of transformation.

Our retreats are for people who do not want to be victims in life but who want to take responsibility for their happiness. They are not afraid of work, knowing that their life is in their hands. They are adventurous, fun loving, giving and kind people who are ready to make a BIG shift in their lives and start living fully, standing in their power

DAYS IN BALI: Day 1 = January 10, The Day of departure January 16


Pause & Transform


We will look deeply within, discover your true emotions, fears or blocks that prevent you from moving forward towards your life purpose and self-expression. We will be practicing yoga & meditation daily, morning and night.



We will clear our karmic debts and the obstacles created in this life time to start transforming our lives. We will purify our energy fields in the most sacred temples on Earth, through some ancient practices guided by world-known shamans and healers, 

Relish & Explore


The strength of the Ocean, the wilderness of the tropical nature, the flowers and exotic trees, the beach and the sand, the nurturing and relaxing spa procedures.


One of the most mysterious and ancient cultures, jump and slide through waterfalls, hike to a magical Mount Batur for a sunrise, soak in hot springs, swing on giant swings overlooking rice terraces, wander through a Monkey Forest, cozy up in birds' nests and try local cuisine. 

What makes this retreat so special?

Our retreats are not like anything else. We create a cocktail of experiences that speak to spiritual, adventurous, extra- and introverted dimensions of your soul. By blending such diverse experiences you expand tremendously in such a short amount of time. We offer a holistic approach to your health and well-being, helping you develop a truly RAVENOUS thirst for life and step fully into the path of your mission, meaning, and purpose.  Awaken the song that has been trapped in your chest, the song of your soul.

Moreover, the retreat is extremely affordable and thought- through. 

All-inclusive Retreat!

*NOTE: all agenda is subject to change depending on weather conditions and other unpredictable circumstances

Once in a lifetime retreat!

Your investment  is  = $2100

Pay via Zelle/ Venmo/ Paypal

Because of the close proximity to the world-renowned healers, exclusivity of the itinerary, and  the sacredness of all practices, the spots are very limited. Please reserve your seat by August 20, '19

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About Dr. Marina Kostina:


300 deposit due by Aug 20, 2019

First half is due before or by Oct 31
Second half is due before or by Dec 15

Late fee $45 will be applied for failing to meet each deadline.

Cancellation fees are determined by the following schedule:
• If you cancel more than 90 days before your retreat start date, 100% of your payment may be applied to another Retreat.
• If you cancel 60 – 89 days before your retreat start date, 75% of your payment may be applied to another Retreat. You will forfeit 25% of the price of your retreat.
• If you cancel 15 – 59 days before your retreat start date, 40% of your payment may be applied to another Retreat. You will forfeit 60% of the price of your retreat.
• If you cancel 14 days or less before your retreat start date, you will forfeit your entire payment.
Exceptions to our policy cannot be made for any reason. We do not offer credit for a guest arriving late or leaving early.